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How Much Do Content Marketing Writers Make?

If you’re a newbie to content marketing, you may wonder, “How much do content marketers make?” This article will answer that question and more. First, understand the difference between per-word and project rates. Second, understand the Hybrid model and the location factor. Third, explore the different ways to earn and how to get the best rate. And finally, don’t forget to check out NewsCred, one of the top-rated content marketing platforms!

Per-project fees are better than per-word rates

Why do per-project fees for content marketing writers make more sense? Choosing a price based on the length of the project, rather than on the number of words, makes it easier for both you and your client to compare your work. Per-word rates for content marketing writers are not only more affordable, but they guarantee a high margin for both parties. However, the downside to this pricing model is that per-word rates do not account for the quality of writing.

Although per-word rates may be less expensive, they do not mean that you won’t get great content. While per-word pricing is generally below average, freelance writers can produce great content for a reasonable price. Since per-word rates are fixed, writers are more likely to balance their workload across several clients, prioritizing the ones that give them the highest effort-to-return ratio. Therefore, it is advisable to hire freelance writers with a list of clients for higher-quality content.

When choosing between per-word and project fees for content marketing, consider the value you will add to your client’s business. Ask your clients about the goals they want to accomplish with their content, and how they can measure the impact of their content. Content marketing requires tools to manage the campaign, including keyword research and link marketing attribution. For example, demandJump helps marketers research keywords and measure the impact of their marketing efforts.

When choosing between per-word and project rates, it is important to look for a writer with experience in the field. An experienced writer will charge expert rates for their work. If you are unsure, ask for examples of his work, as these are the best indicators of quality. By comparing rates, you will be able to find the best writer for the job and set a market price.

Hybrid model

In the present, it’s not enough for content marketing writers to have an excellent grasp of technical terms. Today, a hybrid content creation model can leverage each writer’s strengths and complement each other. This approach allows for customization, so that the brand manager can get all the benefits from a content marketing writer while minimizing the risks associated with hiring someone who is not an expert in the field. In this way, the two teams can work together to produce high-quality content for a brand.

In order to create effective content, a hybrid content team can help scale production. Growing businesses are finding it difficult to keep up with their content teams. However, hiring freelance writers is an excellent way to spread out the workload. Effective content creation requires extensive time and resources. Hybrid content writers are better equipped to meet these demands. In addition, they’ll be more responsive to client needs and can deliver the results that the brand needs.

In recent years, in-house marketing teams have become more common for dynamic brands. In fact, a recent report from Bannerflow showed that 32% of brands had increased the size of their in-house teams by three to five members. This trend continues to grow, and the hybrid model is a valuable way to maintain a strong marketing presence. Just remember to manage your hybrid marketing team. It can be challenging to manage a hybrid team, but external help can help you overcome teething problems and normalise the working environment.

Hybrid models can benefit a content marketing writer’s team by making it easier for the entire team to coordinate its work. Using a shared communication platform can help keep everyone on the same page and allow for course-correcting when necessary. With the hybrid model, everyone’s job is equally important. Hybrid teams can also use a sharable communication platform like Slack to stay in touch with colleagues at any time.

Location affects rates

Whether a content marketing writer should charge a per-word rate or a project rate depends on a variety of factors. For example, the cost of living in a particular city may drive up the rate, but a writer in rural Kentucky can expect to make much less than someone in New York City. Another factor to consider is the type of writing a writer does. Some writers specialize in certain niches, like technology or health care. In such cases, they may charge a higher rate for their work than someone in a more generalized subject.


You’ve heard about NewsCred. You’ve seen the ads on TV, and you know how they can boost a brand’s online presence, but how much money can a content marketing writer make at NewsCred? To get an idea of how much you could make, we’ll take a look at their latest revenue figures. Founded in 2007, the company aims to increase the credibility of online publications and stories. It recently raised $42 million in funding from investors like FTV Capital, FirstMark Capital, InterWest Partners, and the Mayfield Fund. In addition, NewsCred added a new board member – Israeli-American businessman Liron Gitig. The company plans to expand its features and reach into new markets, according to Alicianne Rand, VP of marketing at the news site.

NewsCred is the world’s leading enterprise content marketing company, creating software that turns marketing teams into high-performing content machines. The company has won multiple awards from Gartner, is a two-time Great Place to Work, and has offices in New York, London, and Dhaka. The company employs around 200 people around the world, with offices in New York, London, and Dhaka.

Cost of hiring a content marketing writer

While you may be able to manage a small team to create a blog post, the cost of hiring a content marketing writer to produce your articles could easily put you over the budget. In-house writers tend to get bored writing content frequently, but hiring an outsourced content marketing writer will keep your content fresh and varied. Outsourced writers also have the benefit of having access to a large pool of freelance writers. Additionally, they will be able to meet your needs for digital marketing content on a consistent basis, while you can focus on other tasks or projects.

Although there is no standard rate for content marketing writers, you should expect to pay between $25 and $120 per hour. Some writers charge per project, while others charge per word. You should avoid paying per word, as this method is not common. The average cost of content writing for an English-speaking writer from US and Australia is about $25 per hour, whereas British and Canadian writers are generally paid more. Regardless of location, however, you should not let location influence your budget, as the quality of your content should be the most important factor.

You may also want to consider hiring a content agency. A content agency can have a team of SEO strategists and writers with diverse backgrounds. These writers have the knowledge and experience to produce articles that are targeted to your specific customer base. A content agency will be able to deliver articles that are targeted to your audience, as well as SEO-friendly, resulting in higher traffic. When choosing a content agency, consider the different types of services they offer.

How Much Do Content Marketing Writers Make?

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