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How to Write a Good Title for an Article

While writing a title, it’s important to be clear and descriptive. Using descriptive words like “how to write a good title” or “why catchy titles are important” will show your audience what you’re talking about and where the article will go. The title also tells your audience what the main purpose of the article is. By using descriptive words in your title, you’ll increase the chances of making your audience want to read your article more.

Avoiding humor in the title

If you’re considering using humor in the title of an article, there are many ways to make it work. One study examined the relationship between the title of a psychology article and the number of citations it received. Researchers compared titles from the most downloaded articles to those from the least-downloaded articles. The researchers concluded that humor-laden titles did not boost citations. However, you can always choose to include humor in the title of your article.

Using numbers in the title

There are several benefits of using numbers in the title of an article. First, these words evoke a feeling of urgency and provide relevant information. Second, they are more memorable than a phrase and can increase conversion rates. Lastly, you can incorporate numbers in your article title for extra appeal. To create the best headline possible, make sure that it is at least 11 words long. Listed below are some tips for writing a killer title.

Framing your title as a question

Framing your title for an article as an open-ended question will capture the attention of readers and elicit critical thinking. Although question titles may be a more direct way to present your content, they are not the most effective way to frame it. It is better to present your content in an interesting way, rather than using vague words and slang that a reader might not understand. Here are some reasons why framing your title as a question is a good idea:

Using catchy headlines

Using catchy headlines is an easy way to promote your content, even when you’re sleeping. Headlines can be created by gluing two old words together. The author of POP! Stand Out in the Crowd, Sam Horn suggests using alliteration or twisting a phrase. For example, you can use the words “ask” and “seek” to create a catchy headline.

Using acronyms in the title

Using acronyms in the title of an essay can add length to your paper, but there are some ways to avoid this. For one thing, abbreviations should be defined, as using them in the title will only make your content harder to understand. For another, using acronyms in the title of your article will perpetuate the stereotype that scientists use jargon. Using acronyms in the title of your article will make your content harder to understand for people who don’t know science.

How to Write a Good Title for an Article

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