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How to Write an Article in Medium

Using a high-quality editorial standard when writing for Medium is essential for its success. The content you publish should add value to the reader, be honest, and cite sources you trust. You should also ensure that your article is formatted for both a large and small screen, and be well-edited. Here are some tips on how to write an article for Medium:

Avoid blindly writing articles on Medium

Don’t blindly write articles on Medium – it’s a good idea to read the guidelines first! You can read the Medium guidelines 10 times! They’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to start a blog on Medium. Make sure your article meets the quality standards laid out by Medium and provides valuable content for the reader. Read the guidelines carefully! And then, submit! We wish you the best of luck!

Avoid relying too much on followers

You can avoid relying on followers when writing an article on Medium by identifying the most popular publications and keeping your writing quality high. To attract readers, choose a niche and write articles on that topic regularly. Besides gaining a loyal following, it will also help you to get noticed in the publication. While writing about different topics isn’t necessary for gaining followers, some people prefer to read about specific topics. For example, software developers won’t gain much from the following writing about non-tech topics.

Add media

How to add media to an article is as simple as following a few steps. First, you need to upload the image to the Media Library. Next, add caption information. Finally, click on the Insert Media button to insert the image into your article. The images will appear in the article as the width of the column. You can also use the Insert Media button to add multiple images in a single paragraph. This will allow the reader to view all of the images in the article.

Create a publication

When submitting articles to Medium, you can create a publication to highlight other writers’ articles. A publication can also serve as a great resource for other writers who share your interests. To start a publication, you will need to set up a name, description, and avatar for the publication. In addition, you can add additional authors to the publication as editors or writers. Once your publication is created, you can begin to publish content.

Set up a publishing schedule

To set up a publishing schedule for an article in medium, simply create a publication. These publications can have several authors and have their readers, who can subscribe to newsletters and receive regular updates. You can track your publication’s performance on the publication’s stats page. To create a publishing schedule for an article in medium, you must have a basic content calendar for your publication.

How to Write an Article in Medium

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