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How to Write Article in Medium

If you are wondering how to write an article on Medium, you must follow some guidelines before you begin writing. These include the Content curation guidelines, On-page writing elements, Letter functionality, and Payment methodology. You can also set your article up to be published at a later date. Then, all you need to do is schedule it. It is very easy to schedule your Medium articles. The following are a few examples of topics that you can write about on Medium.

Content curation guidelines

When curating an article on Medium, consider these curation guidelines. Medium will review stories in English only. Stories cannot include advertisements, requests for personal information, or controversial messages. In addition, articles must not advocate intolerance, prejudice, or pseudoscience. Similarly, articles cannot glorify the suffering or death of others. These guidelines apply to all types of articles. Read on to learn more about these rules. Listed below are some of the most important tips for curating an article on Medium.

When curating content, remember that quality is more important than quantity. It is important to give credit and link to the source of content. Curation is not a quick fix. Keep your content fresh and well-sourced by mixing curation with original content. To make it easier for your audience to find content, use a content scheduling tool. This tool will help you plan and systematically curate your content.

On-page writing elements

How write an article for Medium is easy as long as you know how to use the built-in features of the website. Start by highlighting the title and clicking on the big T icon. Next, follow the guidelines for the title and capitalize it correctly. Once the title and subtitle are set up, you can jump into the text formatting and content. Here are some examples of the most popular writing elements for Medium.

In writing an article for Medium, you must also meet a high editorial standard and provide value for your reader. You should also make sure to cite credible sources. Your article should also be clear and honest. Make sure to consider the size of the reader’s device while writing it. Try to include relevant graphics and images to make the article more appealing to them. Make sure the article is formatted correctly for both small and large screens.

Letter functionality

If you’re wondering how to write an article for Medium, you’re not alone. There are several ways to make your content more appealing to the platform’s audience. Here are the most important steps to writing a successful Medium article:

First, make sure you understand the platform’s formatting guidelines. It doesn’t support Comic Sans headers, so you won’t want to use that as your headline. Another important tip is to use the medium’s letter functionality. This will allow you to email your story to all of your Medium followers. Make sure you have at least five tags on your article. Once published, your article is eligible for the Medium Partner Program.

Payment methodology

There are two main payment mechanisms for articles on Medium: curated and featured. Curated articles are often featured in multiple topics and are highly recommended, giving them more exposure and a higher chance of being found by readers who browse actual Medium topics. Featured articles are more difficult to land, but are still worthwhile. They are featured by other publications and are highly recommended by editors. Payment methodology for writing articles in medium starts from the stats of curated articles and can be as high as $500.

For example, a fictional Medium member reads an article for 20 seconds and then claps for it once. That means that a fictional author makes less money than a person who spends 20 seconds reading an article. Because Medium is trying to increase overall reading time, they have revised their payment methodology so that authors can earn more money from their articles. However, a broader understanding of this new method of payment will help authors better understand the differences between paid and free content.

How to Write Article in Medium

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