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How to Write Articles for Medium

If you’re not sure how to write articles for Medium, you’re not alone. There are several ways to get started on this popular platform. It’s best to start by learning about its rules and guidelines, leveraging the power of media, and gaining followers. You can also schedule your articles for later. Once you’ve made an outline and begun writing, you’ll be well on your way to publishing your first Medium article.

Content guidelines

If you’re wondering how to write articles for Medium, you’re not alone. Most online writers struggle with this aspect. There are many tips to help you create articles that are readable, easy to read, and have a strong editorial standard. Here are some of them. Make sure your content is valuable to its audience. Cite your sources appropriately and write for the medium platform. Format your content correctly for both a small screen and a large screen.

Read the guidelines carefully before you start publishing on Medium. You’ll want to read these guidelines at least 10 times before publishing your first article. They will give you an idea of what type of content Medium prefers and how to get started. Once you’ve read the guidelines, you can begin to plan your content. Make sure you have a basic content calendar and keep it updated to reflect the most recent information. This will keep your content interesting and informative.


To increase the visibility of your content, you should follow the Rules for writing articles for Medium. These are generally simple rules that you must follow when writing content for this platform. Make sure to read them ten times. This will ensure that you’re following the rules of the platform and that your articles are well-written and well-thought-out. You can find these guidelines on Medium’s website. In addition, you should read the guidelines for starting a Medium blog.

First and foremost, the article should have a title. Medium does not allow you to use a header that features Comic Sans. This means you can’t put an image in the middle of a paragraph. You should avoid using cliches or jargon. Use only eloquent, descriptive words. Make sure to avoid using the word “like” when writing on Medium. You can use quotation marks to make your article more readable.

Leveraging media

When writing for Medium, make sure to follow certain guidelines to ensure your articles are properly formatted. You can find specific formatting guidelines on Medium’s website, but if you follow these general principles, your articles should be polished and high-quality. Medium doesn’t pay its authors outside of the site, so this is an excellent way to reach a wider audience while also getting your name and message out there. Here are some tips for writing articles for Medium:

To start out, make sure your article is easy to read and has a call-out section for quotes. Once your article is published, you should promote it within the first hour of publication. Medium’s algorithm favors articles that are easily navigable, with a high read rate. To get your article noticed and read by as many people as possible, write about a topic related to your industry or the topic of your article.

Getting followers

If you want to learn how to write articles for Medium, read other people’s posts and highlight their work. You will gain new followers by showcasing the work of others. Learn what makes a good article on Medium, and observe how respected writers interact with their readers. Then, include their name in your article. Once you have gained followers, use their name to promote your own content. If you’d like more followers, you can join Facebook groups for Medium writers.

You should follow Medium’s guidelines to ensure that your articles get noticed. Write in a manner that feels finished and well-written. It is not necessary to follow popular writers just to gain followers. Besides, mentions can come off as clout-chasing, so it’s best to avoid doing so. Some people try to get followers by doing the “follow for follow” method, but this will only lead to disappointment. You should follow back only those people who enjoy your articles.

How to Write Articles for Medium

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