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How to Write Reference of an Article

There are several common citation styles, but there are also some rules and guidelines for writing references for an article. Listed below are examples of how to write references for an article in each style. For example, you should include the DOI number or URL of the journal home page. You should also capitalize the first word of the title, subtitle, and proper nouns. All other lines should be indented. If the article was published in a magazine, it should also include the day and month that the article was published.


The APA style recommends using the most recent research when writing a reference. What up-to-date means in a particular field may vary. Some fields develop quickly, while others do not. Some information will stay relevant for decades. A foundational work, for instance, maybe decades old but still contain valuable information. The APA style does not have an exact cutoff date, so each source should be evaluated individually.


When writing an MLA reference for an article, you must cite the source correctly. MLA style allows two authors, so you need to list both. List them in the order they appear in the source, separated by commas, but do not invert the second author’s name. In the title, list the journal name, page range, DOI, URL, or article title, as appropriate.


The Chicago Manual of Style is a standard citation style used in the humanities and social sciences. This style allows for two approaches to documentation: the notes system and the author/date system. Both methods use in-text parenthetical citations to point to specific entries on the References List page. For example, you should use the notes style when citing a newspaper article. Then, you would place the article’s full title in quotation marks and a period following it.


If you are attempting to write a paper in Harvard Style, you must cite all the sources you use. All quotes and information not your own must be cited. Use single quotation marks around the title of the article and give the author’s last name and the year. If the article is published in a journal, the article’s title should be in italics. You can find information about citation styles and examples in a style guide that is available from the Library. If you’re referencing an article that is not in print, you can find the page range for the article by scrolling through the PDF.

Chicago style

When writing a reference, it’s important to use the Chicago style for writing an article. You should cite your sources correctly. You need to include the author’s name, and you should always use the same name on the title page and in the bibliography. If you have more than one author, separate them with commas. You can also include the editor’s name. For an anthology, you can have the editor’s name listed after the author.

Chicago manual of style

A Chicago Manual of Style reference page is almost identical to a notes/bibliography reference page. The title of the work should include the author’s last name and first name and the year of publication. It is not placed in parentheses. For more information, see The Chicago Manual of Style: A Manual for Writers of Research Papers. You will need to include the year of publication for each reference listed in your article.

Vancouver style

If you are unsure how to write the reference of an article in Vancouver style, you can find examples at the NTNU University Library. Vancouver style is a type of citation that allows you to vary the style of your citation without breaking the style rules for the entire document. This style is generally used in the natural and medical sciences and occasionally in the social sciences. Whether you choose to use the Vancouver style or another style depends on your specific needs.

Turabian style

When writing a reference for an article, Turabian requires that you use the full citation format. This includes the name of the author, the title of the article, the place of publication, the date, and the page(s) on which the work was published. For subsequent citations of the same source, you may use the author’s name and short title. The full citation is followed by an explanation of the short title, in the order mentioned in the manual.

How to Write Reference of an Article

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