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How to Write Reference of Article

To write a reference, begin with the first author’s last name. Next, add their first and middle names. Place a space between the first and middle names. Repeat the process for each author and add their last name after the last one. The author references must be written in the same order as the article, starting with the first author and ending with an ampersand before the last author. This way, they will appear in the proper order when you reference their work.

Format for citing articles with three to 20 authors

APA format for citing articles with three to twenty authors follows certain basic rules. The first rule is to list the first nineteen authors. Following that, list the last name. For citations in the body of an article, the rules are different from the reference list. Italicize the journal, magazine, or newspaper title, but do not capitalize the article title. In addition, make sure to include a space between the first and last author’s names.

When citing articles with three to twenty authors, you should list the last names and first initials of each author. APA 7th also requires that authors list their surnames and dates of publication. This is the standard format for works with three to 20 authors. Once you have found the author’s surnames, you can list the works they have written in alphabetical order in the reference list. After listing the authors, make sure to include the date of publication, unless the article was published before.

Do not include a DOI

It is important to use the DOI when citing an article, even if it is an online resource. Some journal articles published before 1998 do not have a DOI listed. Instead, the author’s last name and page range would be included in the reference. You may also need to include the year and month of the publication. Here are some tips for referencing articles that don’t have a DOI.

Always use the Digital Object Identifier, or DOI, as the URL for an article in a journal. DOIs are unique alphanumeric strings assigned by the publisher. The prefix is an organization’s unique four-digit number, while the suffix is assigned by the publisher. However, if you don’t have access to the publisher’s website, you can use the URL of the article as a reference instead.

In-text references

Listed below are the basic rules on how to write in-text references in an article. Citations for works by more than one author must include both the title and last name of the author. The in-text citation should be accompanied by a bibliography. Citations can be either separate or grouped according to their format. For example, a reference to a work by a single author should list both the first and last name of the author.

Titles should be capitalized or shortened, with the first word included. If the date of publication is unknown, it should be written as n.d. Multiple sources should be separated by a semicolon. When multiple works by the same author are cited in the same document, the in-text citation must use the following format: Chang, Y.-C. (2016). Once you’ve included all of the required information, you can start writing your article.

Citing a video

APA style requires authors to include the video source’s title and a timestamp when citing a video in an article. The video’s title should be italicized and the date should be written in the form of year-month-date, with the first letter of the title in capital letters. The author of the video should not be the same as the person who uploaded it. Rather, the author is the expert speaking in the video.

For academic articles, it is important to cite a YouTube video as a primary source. Since YouTube videos are public, they are typically not peer-reviewed publications. However, some journals may impose specific requirements. Citation style varies depending on the requirements of your instructor. It is important to note that videos may be more informative than published articles. Cite them as such if they present valuable information.

How to Write Reference of Article

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