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What Is Considered Good Writing?

While the task of analyzing writing is challenging, it is much easier to teach students about what makes good writing. There are several key components to writing well. These elements include setting, conflict, symbolism, and character development. Here are some tips on how to write a good story. Keep reading to learn more. If you want to write like a pro, follow these tips. Once you’ve mastered these basics, you can write the kind of story that will impress your audience.

Character development

Whether your story is fantasy, thriller, or mystery, some aspects of writing should be focused on character development. Good character development creates fully-realized, complex characters that your readers will appreciate and root for. As with all aspects of good writing, it is important to consider diverse perspectives before writing your next piece. In this piece, I’ll explain why developing characters is an important part of good writing. Also, I’ll explain the importance of ensuring that your characters have a life beyond their surface levels.


In fiction, the setting is a critical part of plot development. Setting influences a character’s mood and emotional state. Characters react differently to different physical and emotional details. A scene set in a frumpy bedroom with a fragile chair may be unpleasant for a man of his size. Similarly, a story set in an industrial city with an oppressive ceiling fan may not be suited for a man of his size.


Adding conflict to your work can be very effective. Not only does it make your story exciting, but it also helps your characters develop. By adding conflict to your story, you’ll be able to explore character traits and feelings and create multi-dimensional characters that are relatable to readers. Here are 10 great ways to use conflict to increase tension:


Symbolism is a common literary technique, and many writers use it without even realizing it. By making symbolism intentional, you can strengthen it. For example, if you use a character’s first name as a symbol of whiteness, you should consider whether that name corresponds to the emotions of the character. The same goes for other symbols used in the text. A character’s name, for example, could also be a symbol of a character’s attitude or character trait.


The concept of accuracy is closely related to the quality of measurement. Accuracy in measuring is the closest possible value to the standard or known value. For example, a weight measurement of 3.2 kg is not accurate, while a measurement of 10 kg is. The importance of accuracy in communication is undeniable. Accuracy puts all parties on the same page and helps convey the message correctly. Writing that is grammatically and stylistically correct is important to achieving this.

What Is Considered Good Writing?

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