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What Makes Me a Good Writer?

What makes me a good writer? Several qualities make a writer good. These qualities include imagination, the ability to connect with an audience, and stubbornness. Here’s a look at each trait. Ultimately, the traits that make a writer great will help you improve as a writer. In this article, we’ll explore each trait in more detail. You can also find your traits and use them to improve your writing.

Traits of a good writer

One of the best traits of a good writer is a love of books. You must love reading, otherwise, you will have trouble staying motivated to write. Good writers have an insatiable hunger for books, so they read more than they write. This way, they have more opportunities to pick up new ideas and concepts to use in their writing. Good writers are a delight to read and have a keen eye for words and structure.


Imagination is the ability to see possibilities in a story or life. As a writer, you must use your imagination to come up with new ideas. Your imagination is the ultimate brain booster. Using it can help you come up with solutions to problems or to imagine possibilities based on your abilities and skills. It is your greatest strength and a necessary component of being a writer. But how do you use imagination to become a better writer?


Growing up, being told “You’re stubborn” was never a good thing. This implied an unwillingness to follow rules and a determination to do things your way, no matter what anyone else said. But now, being stubborn has its advantages. For one, it keeps you at your desk when your writing process is not going as planned, or even when you’re pitching stories or soliciting writing projects. Secondly, being stubborn helps you deal with rejection, which can sometimes put a damper on your freelance writing career.


Writing with clarity turns heads. It evokes emotion, changes minds, and encourages action. To become more clear in your writing, try these nine simple tips. If you can follow them, you’ll be on your way to being a better writer. Clarity is a lost art in today’s content-saturated world. Fortunately, it is not impossible to achieve. Just practice. Keep reading to learn more about these strategies.


Even though writing as a day job is awesome, it is also nerve-racking, and writing requires lots of free time. While the thrill of receiving a paycheck may be thrilling, you must also be persistent and wait for your next paycheck. In some cases, writers outlive their careers, so this means that writing has to take priority over other things. Fortunately, persistence is one of the keys to success.

What Makes Me a Good Writer?

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