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Where to Find High Quality Content Writers

If you’re wondering where to find high-quality content writers, you have plenty of options. A few of these places include Scripted, iWriter, Upwork, and Crowd Content. Here are a few things to look for in a content writer. Before deciding to hire one of these people, ask to see samples of their work. Look for writers who write for multiple sources, as this indicates their writing style is versatile. You can also request a free trial project if you’re unsure of a writer’s writing style.


Scripted is where to find high-quality content writers, but be prepared to pay a premium. The service prunes under-performing writers, so the quality of work is still high, but it will be less than that of a high-end freelance writer. There is also the risk of the writer disappearing abruptly, for example, if their work is not up to par, if they receive bad reviews, or if they take a leave of absence to pursue medical issues.

The website offers tools to help users manage their projects. Users can create better project listings, request revisions, and pay for content directly on the site. Scripted also offers a satisfaction guarantee, which is crucial when dealing with online freelancers. There are four membership tiers available. Each one offers a different set of tools and features. While some services offer a free trial, other premium features might be worth the price to save time.

The pricing structure for Scripted is different from that of other platforms. You can hire a writer directly, but it may be less expensive to do so than through a content mill. A content mill may not allow direct contact with writers, and a membership fee may make this impossible. If you are concerned about piracy, however, Scripted has a strong anti-poaching policy and actively monitors communications between you and the writer. Some writers even have unique usernames.

One major disadvantage of content mills is the lack of an auto-accept period. It protects the writer from scammy businesses and lets the writer decide when to accept the first job offer. In contrast, Scripted offers an auto-accept period that automatically approves articles three days after submission and editing. This feature makes Scripted unique in the industry and is essential for clients looking for high quality content.


When you need high quality content written quickly, iWriter is where to turn. Whether you’re writing a blog post for a business website or a personal website, you can use iWriter to find writers with experience in your industry. Articles are submitted using the Copyscape api, which ensures that every piece of content is 100% original. Unlike many other writing sites, iWriter does not let you pay for content that you don’t like. In fact, you can reject the article if you don’t like the text or if it’s illegible. In addition, you can request for changes. You must check your iWriter account at least three times per week to ensure that the quality of the work is good.

iWriter is a free platform that allows you to find writers with a wide range of experience and writing skills. When you’re looking for a writer for a specific project, you can use iWriter’s search feature to find the perfect writer for your project. You can also use the site’s advanced search tool to search for specific writers in a particular category. Once you’ve found the writer you’re interested in, you can choose to add the author to your favorites or ignore them.

iWriter is an excellent option for those looking for cheap content writers. The site offers a variety of content services and a straightforward ordering system. Though there are some unhappy reviews on Trustpilot, the quality of work is excellent. While iWriter is not a good choice for professionals, it’s an excellent option if you want to save your money. But you have to be careful because the quality of content writers on iWriter isn’t the same as those on other websites.


The market for good writers on Upwork is huge and growing every day. There are famous bloggers, but not all of them are worth hiring. A good way to find a high-quality writer is by checking out reviews and testimonials. Then, look for them and verify their credentials. These writers will write articles that will help you increase your traffic. But, if you’re not familiar with Upwork, how do you know if they’re good?

Upwork is a freelance website, formerly known as Elance, which merged with Odesjk. It has a large database of freelance writers, many of whom are experts in your niche. Using Upwork’s search filters, you can easily find a writer whose experience, writing style, and rates match your own business needs. Moreover, you can also choose to search for writers based on their location and native language. You can even sort the listings by a certain payment method and set a specific rate.

Upwork has a huge database of freelance writers, and there is a wide range of skills. Although the quality of writers on Upwork isn’t necessarily the highest, there are many high-quality writers who are willing to work on a limited budget. This site is also ideal for businesses on a budget, since it enables them to work directly with writers, rather than outsource the work to a third-party. Because of the diversity of writers, you must be able to define your exact requirements before hiring a writer. It is also important to use sophisticated filters to help you find the right writer.

You can also use Guru to find writers who specialize in your niche. While Upwork has a large range of freelance writers, Guru is an online content marketing platform with a built-in project manager. You can share documents with writers and assign them tasks. This will make it easy for you to manage the project. In addition to Upwork, you can find professional writers through ProBlogger. You can even work with copyeditors and marketing managers on the platform.

Crowd Content

If you want to find high-quality content writers for your website, Crowd Content is a great place to look. You can view their portfolios and choose from among more than six thousand writers in the various categories. You can also review testimonials and ratings left by clients. You can also see their recent writing samples, average client rating, and writer statistics, such as the number of words written, number of orders in progress, and word count per hour.

You can also try casting calls with Crowd Content. They have a directory of writers who have proven themselves to be good at their craft. They also have reviews and sample work so that you can quickly decide which writer best meets your requirements. Moreover, you can easily select the most qualified writer based on the quality of their work and your budget. However, before submitting your casting call, make sure you read the reviews and check their credentials.

The site also provides helpful resources, such as its blog, help videos, and how-to articles. The blog has several useful articles on content marketing, SEO, and writing tips. It also hosts regular “writer spotlight” features on individual writers. It is worth checking out Crowd Content if you are looking for a high-quality content writer. It will definitely help your business! This article provides you with some tips to find the best writer for your website.

You can also check out Reddit, which markets itself as the front page of the internet. While it’s not the best place to hire a content writer, the site is a great place to get an inside scoop on what’s hot and what’s not in the world of content. Crowd Content has been around for almost a decade, and it boasts over 6,000 clients.


If you are looking for content writers for your website, you might want to avoid using the content mills on Textbroker. These websites have managed to survive multiple Google algorithm updates. But the quality of content from these websites is generally low. Finding a diamond in the rough will require a lot of trial and error, revision requests, and dropped assignments. The good news is that there are now ways to find writers who are worth your money.

First, you can use the textbroker’s Author Search to look for highly specialized content. It can help you choose an author who specializes in a particular topic or quality level. All authors on Textbroker are assigned to one of four levels, based on their feedback and experience. Textbroker regularly rates each writer to ensure their content fits within that classification. It’s possible to find a content writer in a few different niches, including online advertising, medical websites, and more.

Another good thing about Textbroker is that they pay their writers weekly. They do this via PayPal. The only downside is that they don’t pay writers for fewer words than some other sites. In addition, you may not find high-quality writers on Textbroker. That said, they do generally have work for writers and often pay well. But keep in mind that the rates are not the only factor to consider. Sometimes, writers are unwilling to work for less money or take jobs at a low rate. If you’re looking for an article with a low pay rate, you might want to look elsewhere.

Besides offering a wide range of writing services, Textbroker also features a directory of over 20,000 writers who are looking for unique, custom content. The site allows businesses to find writers by quality and price. The writers have access to thousands of opportunities and can choose to work for lower or higher rates based on their experience and expertise. The best thing about Textbroker is that it’s also possible to commission individual writers to write content for a website.

Where to Find High Quality Content Writers

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